HTPD 2017, Toledo, Spain

The 4th HTPD conference has ended, after a couple of intense days in Toledo, Spain. Thank you to all delegates to making each moment of the event engaging and interesting.

Read a short summary of HTPD 2017 and download the Extended report here.

Fourth International Meeting

The Fourth International Conference devoted to high-throughput process development (HTPD) was held Oct 9-12, 2017 in historic Toledo, Spain, the "City of Three Cultures". HTPD 2017 was sponsored by GE Healthcare Life Sciences, with the active involvement of academic and industry experts. The meeting provides a forum for discussion and exchange of ideas surrounding the challenges and benefits of employing high-throughput techniques in the development of processes and stable formulations for the manufacture of biological products. HTPD meetings offer an excellent opportunity to influence the future of high-throughput process development methods in our industry.


Toledo, Spain

Skyline of the old part of ToledoToledo's fascinating culture and history is remarkable. Successively a Roman municipality, the capital of the Visigoth Kingdom, a fortress of the Umayyad Emirate of Cordoba, and once the capital of Spain under the Emperor Charles V, Toledo is unique. In 1986, Toledo was made a World Heritage City by UNESCO. Toledo also hosted the dramatic and expressionistic paintings of El Greco (Crete,1541-Toledo, 1614).
Its close proximity to Madrid facilitates access from the international airport. The new 'El Greco Congress Conference Centre' has all modern facilities and is five minutes from the historical landmarks of Toledo. More than 4000 rooms in all category hotels are at a walking distance to the congress centre, most hotels offer a friendly environment for socializing in the evenings.


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Organizing Committee

Philip Lester, Genentech, USA
Karol Lacki, Karol Lacki Consulting, Sweden
Mats Gruvegard, GE Healthcare, Sweden