Avignon, France


Pont d'Avignon

Avignon is located along Rhone in the South of France and has over 5000 years of history. Avignon was once the capital of the Cavare tribe, then a Phoenician trading post, before becoming a wealthy city under the Romans.

The famous bridge was built in the 12th century allowing easy travel and enhancing Avignon's attraction.

During the Middle Ages, Avignon became the capital of Christianity, when the papacy decided to move and reside here. The best architects and artists also moved to the city and their influence is still felt today.

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Pape du Palais
The Papal Palace

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The famous bridge of the nursery rhyme


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The City

Within the walled city, there
are many small winding streets. Rue de la République winds its way from the station through the centre of town to the main square.