Wawel Castle

Kraków is regarded as the most beautiful city in Europe. Visitors come from around the world to a city of culture with many famous theatres, excellent museums, galleries and lots of cafés, pubs and restaurants. A city of youth with more than 100 000 students and a city of science with the Jagiellonian University from 1364, one of the oldest in Europe. Visiting Kraków is like a travel through history interlaced with our modern society.

Kraków's historic center is on the UNESCO Heritage list and is the pride of Poland. Starting at our hotel, use the underpass and you find yourself in the green space that surrounds the old city. Walk through the Floria´nska Gate and on to the Market Square. A large open square lined with cafés, restaurants, filled with people, pigeons, musicians and horse-drawn carriages.

Mariacki Church
At its center lies the Cloth Hall, a shopping mall since the middle ages and in the NW corner the Mariacki Church, where you hear a tune played out every hour, an historical reminder of the arrival of the Tataars.


From the Market Square take the Royal route, the coronation path of Polish kings, straight to the Wawel Castle. Kraków was once the capital of Poland.


The Kazimierz is the district where the Jews lived for more than 500 years. It is famous for its association with Shindler's list and Spielberg. Now it is a hip, artistic neighbourhood, with dozens of cafés and bars.

Szeroka Street

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