Poster program 2019

701. HTPD robotic purification platform at a glance – successful harmonization across three sites

Brian Murray, Dhiral Shah, Tarl Vetter (Framingham/MA), Hubert Picard, Thomas Prouzeau (Vitry-sur-Seine), Mareike Drucks, Martina Fischer* (Frankfurt) Sanofi-Aventis Deutschland GmbH,…

702. Developing an automated twin for color and haze measurement

S. Amrhein1*, J. John1, A. Niess1, S. Burri2, K. Ravuri1, S. Fischer1 1 Pharmaceutical Development & Supplies, PTD Biologics Europe…

703. Automated High-Throughput and Miniaturised Semi-continuous Chromatography

Razwan Hanif*, Michael Rose UCB, Slough, UK

704. Comparison of three different screening techniques for predicting step elution conditions for a cation exchanger

Eggert Brekkan, Anna Mattsson, Elin Monie, Lena Kärf and Eva Heldin GE Healthcare

705. Building a Fully Integrated Bioprocessing Development Platform at Microscale

Paul Majneri*, Thomas Gatternig Takeda, Vienna, Austria

706. Mitigation of chromatography resin variability on process outcome using Process Characterization Kits

Tomas Björkman, Ulrika Knutsson, and Gunnar Malmquist* GE Healthcare, Uppsala, Sweden

707. Development of a High Throughput Chromatography Screening Platform to expediate vaccine process development

Bruno ANDRE GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals - Rixensart - Belgium

708. High Throughput Resin Screening for Purification of Infectious Viruses

Tara Lansink*, Aart van t Oever, Yvonne E. Thomassen Intravacc

709. Rational and Systematic Purification Process Development – The Next Generation

Daphne Keulen*, Roxana Disela, Martin Pabst, Marcel Ottens Dept. of Biotechnology, Delft University of Technology, Van der Maasweg 9, 2629…

710. Miniaturization of Analytics - the case of Continuous Bioprocessing

Mariana S. Pedro (1)*; Michel H.M. Eppink (2); Marcel Ottens (1) (1) Delft University of Technology, Van der Maasweg 9,…

711. From sample to project decision: Fully automating MS analytics of next-generation protein therapeutics

Urs Hanke, Hans Rainer Völger, Marco Böttger, Manuel Endesfelder, Felipe Albrecht, Laurent Lariviere, Miroslav Nikolov Roche Pharma Research and Early…

712. Developing an automated twin for subvisible particle measurement

A. Niess1, V. Lebouc1, J. John1, S. Amrhein1, C. Lema Martinez1, S. Burri2, R. Steiner2, T. Zumstein2, K. Ravuri1, S.…

713. Smart process development – Use cases for mechanistic modelling in early-stage process development

Eda Isik, Birgit Weydanz, Christiane Werrstein, Dr. Felix Wittkopp Roche Diagnostics GmbH, Pharma Research and Early Development (pRED), Roche Innovation…

714. ISOFIX – A Mechanistic Modeling Software for Isotherm Fitting and Evaluation of Kp Screenings

Tobias Hahn GoSilico GmbH, Karlsruhe, Germany

715. Back to First Principles: High Throughput Approach to Wash and Elution Development for Custom Affinity Resins

Brandon Coyle*, Kelley Kearns, Karol Lacki and Warren Kett Avitide, Lebanon NH USA

716. Investigation of polyethylene glycol enhanced culture fluid clarification prior to protein A chromatography using automated high throughput screening

Sigrid Krogager Hansen*, Else Bang Riis Novo Nordisk A/S, Bagsværd, DK-2880, Denmark

717. Membrane Purification Technology: Use of Miniature Scale Membranes in Process Development

Hannah Shore*, Jean Aucamp Lonza, Slough, UK

718. Automated, high-throughput content analysis in process development for microbial derived biopharmaceuticals

Martin Voigtmann* Post Doc, Process Science Austria, Analytical Development, BI RCV GmbH & Co KG in Cooperation with University of…

719. Biacore 8K+ delivering high throughput methods for characterising multivalent proteins

Ana Sousa*, Nicola Ford, Ricky Casey, Gary Finka Biopharm Process Research, Biopharm Product Development & Supply, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), Gunnels Wood…

 720. A strategic approach to overcome microscale limitations to facilitate alignment for process characterisation studies

Razwan Hanif*, Nicola Roberts, Mari Spitali, UCB, Slough, UK