Preconference day

Crash course in HTPD (included in the registration fee)

Monday November 4

Join a preconference day to quickly get up to speed with different aspects of HTPD, smart PD, as well as mechanistic modelling. The preconference day is especially useful if you are new to the field, have just started to use HTPD tools, or need a refresher on some of the basics. The preconference day is organized by GE and is only available for registered attendants of the HTPD conference. It is optional and comes without any additional charge.

Some highlights from the preconference agenda:

• Evolution of PD and HTPD.

• HTPD upstream and downstream tools and when to use them. Presented by R&D scientists from GE.

• Mechanistic modelling—the basics and available software resources. Presented by GoSilico.

• Merck’s HTPD journey—from beginner to advanced user. Presented by Jennifer Pollard, Merck & Co.

• Case studies and available resources. Presented by GE’s Fast Trak Services.