Siena, Italy

The ideal way to thoroughly understand and experience Siena is to walk through the Porta Romana gate, as the Romans did centuries ago and continue on through tha narrow and winding streets and suddenly you enter the famous Piazza del Campo.

Siena lies in the heart of the beautiful Tuscany and is easily reached by train or bus from Florence, Pisa and Rome. The historic centre of Siena is delimited by a 7km rampart (14th-16th centuries), the route of which follows the contours of the three hills on which the city is built.

Siena Domo Siena visiable from all directions.

This medieval town is a masterpiece of workmanship and creativity where the buildings were designed to confirm with the overall urban structure and to harmonize with the surrounding Siena cultural landscape. Siena is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Walking through the extraordinary city, you will find a thriving tradition in artisan crafts which has influenced the social history of the city.

Siena artSiena art

In less than 15 minutes, you will be entering Piazza del Campo, the central square, where twice a year a Palio, a famous horse race is held around the perimeter. The winner is awarded a banner, "Pallium", which gave the race its name. The Palio is just as important for Siena today as its original version was for Medieval Siena. It represents the essence of their history, memories and identity.

Palio Siena Palio race depicted in Hotel Moderna

Research and scholarship have always been the most noble of undertakings in this town, which boast a university, that was already renowned in the 1200´s. "The spiritual heritage of Siena; expressed by its buildings, museums and even its inhabitants, is worthy of national and even European attention." (Chancellor of Siena´s University 1944).

The conference will take place
towars Piazza del Campo in Magna Rettorato, just a few meters away from Piazza del Campo. This fascinating building was originally a cloister, but was taken over by the University of Siena 200 years ago. After restoration it is now the home of the Principal of the University and its administration.


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