Workshop 2014

Lessons learned in building HTPD capabilities

A workshop to discuss the benefits and pitfalls of establishing in-house HTPD workflows and equipment.

Intention of Workshop Content

The workshop included short presentations by scientists followed by a panel discussion. Topics included method development, industry benchmarking, HTPD successes and failures, what workflows were most and least appropriated to automate, and how HTPD predictions could fit with scale-up executions.

15.00 — 15.20 Part I Introduction by Ashley Hesslein, PhD
Senior Scientist, Global Biological Development
Bayer HealthCare
15.20 — 16.10 Part II Short presentations by panelists
16.10 — 18.00 Part III Open discussion between panelists and audience


Dean Harde
Senior Scientist
Biopharma Process Science Downstream
Boeringer-Ingelheim, Vienna
William Holmes
Sr. Research Scientist
Virology and Purification Development
Eli Lilly and Company
Paul McDonald
Purification Development
Genentech, San Francisco California
Jennifer Pollard
Principal Scientist
Process Development and Engineering
Merck, Kenilworth New Jersey
David C. Smithson, Ph.D.
Early Stage Pharmaceutical Development
Genentech, San Francisco, California